Admissions testing is conducted for placement in private or independent schools as a required portion of the application process.

These evaluations consist primarily of cognitive testing, though occasionally schools also request tests of academic skills.

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Admissions testing assesses areas of cognitive ability, including:

  • verbal skills
  • visual-spatial perception
  • problem-solving and logic
  • memory
  • efficiency or speed of mental processing

If required, academic areas assessed include reading, writing, mathematics, and oral language skills.

How long does admissions testing take? What is it like?

I strive to make the experience fun and to provide a warm environment that allows the child to demonstrate their strengths.

Admissions testing usually occurs in one session of 1–2 hours, in which the child participates in game-like thinking activities from tests such as the WPPSI-IV, the WISC-V, the RIAS, and the WIAT-4 (if indicated).

I am able to administer the RIAS virtually, though the other tests must be conducted in person.

What is included in the report?

Your child’s performance will be compared to a sample of other children at his or her age, and scores will be derived that summarize his or her abilities across cognitive domains. I will provide a report to parents and/or schools, at no additional fee, within two weeks of testing, though I am often able to expedite if needed.

When should I book my admissions test?

In general, testing should be scheduled as soon as possible to ensure that testing is completed and the final report arrives at the school before admissions deadlines. Parents can choose whether they wish to have a feedback session, in which I explain the results in detail, though the report itself is often sufficient.

How much does private school admissions testing cost? Is it covered by insurance?

Insurance companies are not likely to reimburse for this process. However, fees for this testing are competitive, ranging from $300–600 per test, depending on the age of the child and the nature of the testing required by the school.

Furthermore, while clients may apply to multiple different schools, only one report is required, which can be sent to all of them.

I can complete testing for any of the following independent and private schools in the Washington metro area, or any other independent schools to which you apply: