We will begin with a complimentary 15-minute phone consult to determine if I can meet your assessment needs. The next step is an hour-long intake session, in which I gather information about your background, challenges, and strengths. I also work with you to articulate goals and questions you may have that you want the assessment to answer. (I do the same when working with a child or adolescent on a developmentally appropriate level.)

This initial goal-setting phase allows me to better tailor the evaluation to your needs and interests, as well as allow me to provide targeted recommendations at the conclusion of the assessment. If needed or requested, I also speak with significant others, parents, teachers, colleagues, doctors, and/or therapists to provide a fuller picture and alternative perspectives.

The testing itself is conducted in-person in one or more sessions of multiple hours, depending on the presenting issues and your ability to focus or effectively participate. The nature of the testing sessions varies depending on the type of assessment (click here for more details on the types of professional assessments I offer). 

Following testing, I prepare a comprehensive report, which details the results of testing, describes what the results mean in the context of your daily life, and outlines recommendations to help you in your personal, work, academic, and/or interpersonal life.