Dr. Kate Lieberman, Clinical Psychologist

I am a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in clinical and community psychology from George Washington University and a B.A. in psychology from Columbia University.

In my clinical practice, I provide psychotherapy for adolescents and adults and psychological evaluations with individuals of all ages. I provide in-person services from my office in Alexandria, Virginia as well as online therapy services through a secure HIPAA-compliant video platform. 

My research focuses on the development of culturally and developmentally sensitive interventions. I have published peer-reviewed journal articles, presented at international conferences, and consulted on mental health issues for public and private schools.

I have taught psychology to undergraduates and supervised graduate students in therapy and assessment. I am currently an adjunct professor of psychological assessment for George Washington University’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program.

I avidly pursue advanced training and consult academic journals to keep abreast of the latest developments in therapy and assessment.

This continuing education allows me to skillfully integrate techniques from a variety of psychotherapy approaches, including:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • psychodynamic therapy
  • exposure and response prevention (ERP)
  • mindfulness-based therapies
  • internal family systems (IFS)
  • somatic approaches
  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

With respect to psychological assessments, I have expertise in evaluating individuals for learning disorders, developmental disorders, ADHD, autism, mood and anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, cognitive processing concerns, substance use disorders, and personality disorders.

In my daily life and professional work I strive to be body positive, antiracist, anti-ableist, lgbtqia+ affirming, and neurodiversity affirming. I welcome and appreciate being called in or called out when I fall short of these values.

Pronouns: she/her


PhD,  Clinical Psychology: George Washington University

BA, Psychology: Columbia University

University Teaching Positions

Current Position:

Adjunct Professor in Psychology, instructor of Psychological Assessment: George Washington University, Clinical Psychology PhD Program

Previous Positions:

Instructor, Field Internship: George Washington University, Undergraduate Psychology Program

Instructor, Abnormal Psychology: George Washington University, Undergraduate Psychology Program

Instructor, General Psychology: George Washington University, Undergraduate Psychology Program

Previous Consultation and Outreach

Research Consultant for Early Childhood Innovation Network/ Mary’s Center Collaboration

Adolescent  Depression  Workgroup: The Meltzer Psychological Services Center

Specialty Clinic: The Meltzer Psychological Services Center and The School Without Walls Collaboration

Clinical Consultation Team: The School for Ethics and Global Leadership  

Publications and Presentations

Le, H.N., & Perry, D.F., Villamil-Grest, C., Genovez, M., Lieberman, K., Ortiz-Hernandez, S., & Serafini, C. (2020). A mixed methods evaluation of an intervention to prevent perinatal depression among Latina immigrantsJournal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology. 

Sherkow, S., & Lieberman, K. (2018). Back to Freud’s beginning: Looking at neuroscience through a contemporary psychoanalytic lens. In H. Etezady & I. Blom (Eds.), Psychoanalytic Trends in Theory and Practice. Lexington Books.

Lieberman, K., Le, H.N., & Pery, D.F. (2014). A systematic review of perinatal depression interventions for adolescent mothers. Journal of Adolescent 37(8), 1227-1235.

Lieberman, K.Le, H.N., & Perry, D.F. (2012, October). Review of Perinatal Depression Interventions for Teen Mothers. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Marce Society. Paris, France. 

Snyder, H.M., Lieberman, K., Le, H.N., & Perry, D.F. (2011, March). Latina WIC Women’s Experiences with Perinatal Depression. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association. Cambridge, MA. 

Lieberman, K., Le, H.N., & Perry, D.F. (2010, October). Correlates of maternal interactive behavior in Latina immigrant mothers and their one year old infants. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Marce Society. Pittsburg, PA.  

Riskie, C., Lieberman, K., Le, H. N., & Perry, D. F. (2010, March).  Understanding the strengths and stressors of Latina immigrant mothers.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association. New York, NY.   

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association

The Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists

Northern Virginia Clinical Psychologists

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

The International OCD Foundation

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

ADHD Resource Group of Northern Virginia